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Wood art craft: Creative Garden Furniture.

Needle crafts  |  September 2nd 2011  |  0 Comment


3518263_0_70810_9389d949_XL (700x466, 151Kb)

The best material for furniture making was invented by nature. And sometimes not even need to move to let imagination to come up with something unusual in this area. Everything has been invented by a man, and the author can only see what is so generous nature has to offer, to process and create a composition, such as shown here. Inexpressive, at first glance, the piece of wood can become an ornament for the garden and the most comfortable seating for relaxing.

3518263_0_70811_633373b0_XL (700x466, 155Kb)

3518263_0_70812_49cfe9ef_XL (700x466, 153Kb)

3518263_0_70813_306f436b_XL (700x466, 154Kb)

3518263_0_70815_bbcd5705_XL (700x466, 149Kb)

3518263_0_70816_eba6e_XL (700x466, 147Kb)

3518263_0_70817_9622cef8_XL (700x466, 122Kb)
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