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Women gifts: Rings from polymer clay

Clay, Jewelry making  |  December 21st 2011  |  0 Comment

Women gifts: Rings from polymer claytutorial

Rose ring tutorial

start with the basics – a green ball with a light green color of the center. poke a needle tip to create the effect of stamens

we shall cut out of green (1 cm diameter), light green (1.2 cm diameter) and yellow (1.5 cm diameter) of sausages right lobe.

pasted first base with green petals

Smoothed slightly

Then with green petals on the same principle

Then the same thing with yellow petals

ow make the petals of peach sausages, pink and dark pink (diameters increase in proportion)
pasted them, but not too smooth

baked in oven for 15 minutes at 130 degrees =)

Glue to the basis =) Here is the ring turned out))
2 lesson. Tea Rose. (My version) =)
this ring I made to order and decided to photograph the process =)
we need a base ball (slightly smaller than 1 cm)
petals 4 sizes – 0.8sm-1cm-1.5cm-2cm

based paste, smooth petals

2nd row -3 pasted petals. turn down and ‘prischiplyaem “center petals fingers

well done and with the third row

Row 4 – 4 petals

draw out “ass”

cut off, bake

adhesive to the substrate.

Read more: http://ole-up.livejournal.com/