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Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Wedding day  |  September 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

Rose Ball Wedding Centerpiece

A rose ball wedding centerpiece is easy to make using fabric rose petals.  By using fabric rose petals you can easily determine your color scheme and add as many colors as you would like.  The floral rose wedding table centerpiece is easy to make and is gorgeous either in a vase or just placed on the table.

1. Begin by inserting the ends of the fabric rose petals onto a corsage pin.  I used several purple petals and then finished with silver.

2. Next, insert the roses onto a Styrofoam ball.

3. Completely cover the Styrofoam ball with roses.  Optional: Place the rose ball onto the table as a centerpiece or continue with the instructions for larger style centerpiece inserted into a vase.

4. Wrap a large wooden dowel with ribbon and add a few metallic silver leaves.

5. Insert the wooden dowel into the bottom of the Styrofoam ball.

6. Display the rose ball in a large vase filled with clear plastic ice.

Source: sewingcraftingsarah.blogspot.com