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Wedding Card tutorial

Cards, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Paper crafts, Valentine's day  |  May 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

As a basis I bazilovsky cardboard. But the background, as you see, is made up of small squares, left over from previous projects. At first I just taped them to the workpiece, and after prostrochila on all joints and the extreme sides of the zigzag stitch.

Having received a very nice background, I have embellished it a bit)) by adding an inscription in the frame. In a pre-made holes on the edges, put in a tape of organza, and only then fastened to the frame basis by Brads.

Of course, add color, jewelry rhinestones and tiny dove with a twig in beak.

Inside of the frame and has issued stamps with small rings.

So looks like a postcard back.

That is, in general, and all. I really liked to do such a background. This I gathered from the remnants of paper from one set, but can also be done from different. Else you can do it from the slips, rhombs, triangles, etc. And you can combine everything at once, and stripes, and squares and triangles. And each time to obtain new and interesting backgrounds.

And it just so)))

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