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Valentine’s Day Bag tutorial

Sewing, Valentine's day  |  April 29th 2011  |  0 Comment

fabric bag to sew

I found this fabric on sale for 99 cents a meter!! What a steal. It is a soft cottony fabric. The only problem is that it is kind of thin and has a stretch to it. This proved more problematic when the lining and the bag didn’t match up perfectly when I was sewing them together.
I put together the lining and the main fabric and then needed to make the straps and the flap. I basically found a scrap piece of fabric and saw how it fit over the bag and that’s how I decided on that. The straps were about 15 inches long, and the width of my ruler (I really just used my ruler as a template for the straps).

I ended up having the same problems flipping the straps over as I did with my purse. I think it’s because the lining fabric is pretty thick and sturdy. I flipped the straps and the flap, pressed them and then did a top stitch on them. I really like how the stop stitch looked on the flap.
I then attached the straps to either end of the flap and attached them to the main bag. Of course I put it on backwards – TWICE – and then finally got it right.

Then I sewed the lining and the main bag together and turned it right side out and did a top stitch all the way around.
I decided to put buttons on the straps, so I asked my Mom who has this ridonkulously-awesome (yeah that’s a word!) collection of buttons to find some that would work with the bag. And boy did she come through. She hadn’t even seen the bag! Originally I wasn’t going to put any closure on the flap, but when I saw this baby I couldn’t pass it up.

Isn’t it ginormous!

I’m not going to lie, I did a test run making a button hole before making this huge one and potentially ruining the whole bag.

For the straps she brought these neat decorative buttons.


And this is the finished bag hanging up.

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