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Valentine crafts: Felted hearts for gifts

Felt, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Sewing, Valentine's day  |  January 5th 2012  |  0 Comment

Valentine crafts: Felted hearts for gifts

Wool grown fond hearts keep me chalet theme. The abundance of hand stitches, embroidery and applique give these ornaments is correct, the “village” atmosphere.

Hearts look best for Valentine gifts.

Loops of coarse rope – the final touch. You can hang out!

In addition, a garland made of small hearts and cones. This is a traditional decoration for the chalet. Do just as well look very impressive.

On four pitches of the same length with both ends attached the hearts and cones, ropes folded in half, pulled some of the asymmetry and tied the knot as to obtain a loop for hanging. Some of the rope tied to each other.


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