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Valentine craft ideas: Romantic candle with jar

Green crafts, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Recycle, Valentine's day  |  December 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Valentine craft ideas: Romantic candle with jar
We like fools nature romantic, loves to sit by candlelight. With
not so much with the candles in the room, as in nature. Surely
because rastavlenye here and there, candles give the place a mysterious,
magical and mystical form. But often there is a problem, as the wind,
which quickly this whole thing blows and creates a fire risk

And how to make a lamp, I’ll tell you and show you.

For this we need:

* A small glass jar

* Stained glass paint

* Ribbon, lace, cloth – all that you will find handy:)

* Candle “pills” (my cherry, very fragrant)

* Scissors

So, take a bottle and a tube of paint. We used a specially
fairly simple pattern – a simple point to give the impression
colored stones, and the more you make these “stones”, the
more your light will sparkle and sparkle.

In one color.

In two color.

A couple of accents third color and a jar with “stones” is ready:)

Next we take bichevki harvested, summer, and cut the lace to
could tie a bow around the jar.

Here is it.

That light and ready!

It remains only to wait for the night and start the magic!
It’s so beautiful candle!

You can read more here: http://master-klass.livejournal.com/354833.html