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Unique wedding bouquet: Vintage Wedding Bouquet

Flower arrangement, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Wedding day  |  September 29th 2011  |  0 Comment

unique wedding bouquet

Unique wedding bouquet: Vintage Wedding Bouquet

We have been so excited to share these little bits of heaven with you for quite some time. Amy actually took a few photos  and the others were taken by  Alice Hu Photography. We had to hold off until they came out in Inside Weddings! Well… here they are. Could you just die? These unique bouquets are so breathtaking, filled with such amazing details. I cannot even use words to share with you how much I heart them. They are hands down pieces of art. Each bouquet is dripping in antique brooches.

Now you are probably wondering, who is the artistic genius behind these tiny treasures, well it is none other than  Amanda Heer  of  Fantasy Floral Designs. These would be the cherry on top of a vintage wedding. Please share with me, how much you LOVE these.

unqiue bridal boquet

unique bridal bouquets

unique bridal boquet

Photography: Amy Squires & Co. & Alice Hu Photography

Wedding bouquet