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Unique scarf for fall: craft tutorial

Fashion, Sewing  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment
inspired scarf with you today!

Materials & Tools
Length of Jersey Material (with a bit of stretch). A recycled t-shirt will work well if the content is 5% to 10% lycra or spandex.
Sharp Fabric Scissors

Step 1: Cut your jersey into a long rectangular strip. This will be the basic width and length of your finished scarf.
Step 2: Fold your fabric accordion style, beginning at one end, zig zagging back and forth until you can align the edge of the other end with the stack.
Step 3: Firmly hold the folds in place so they don’t slip, and cut even slits along one on the long sides of the stack with nice sharp fabric scissors (paper ones won’t be sharp enough for this clean cut). Turn stack and cut slits down the opposite side, trying to aim between the cuts you made on the opposite side.
Step 4: Here’s the fun and important finishing move! Unfold your scarf and start stretching the holes one by one using your fingers. You’ll see the rough edges curl under and give extra texture to the ‘slash’ pattern. Once all holes have been stretched, take the scarf by either end and stretch the entire garment.
Source: lunevintage.blogspot.com