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Unique picture for home: Embossed Handprints Wall Hanging Tutorial

Painting  |  August 27th 2011  |  0 Comment


Unique picture for home: Embossed Handprints Wall Hanging Tutorial

Easy crafts for kids

We’re going to learn how to make this embossed handprints wall hanging with step-by-step photos:

What you need:

Foil (to catch messes made by kiddos who think embossing powder is fun to play in!)
American Crafts cardstock
Embossing Ink Pad
American Crafts Zing!
Wet wipes (for cleaning messy hands)
Heat tool
American Crafts Delights
Frame with or without glass
Step 1 – Set some foil down and place a sheet of 12×12 cardstock on top. Have your inkpad and Zing close by.
Julyblog1Step 2 – Ink your kiddos hands. My 4 year old Ayla wanted to do hers herself, but I helped and made sure her hand was really well covered in ink.
Julyblog2Step 3 – Place hand on cardstock. I pressed down on top to make sure we got a really good image.
Julyblog3Step 4 – Sprinkle on Zing! embossing powder and shake off the excess back into the jar.
Step 5 – Emboss with a heat tool.
Step 6 – Cut the cardstock to fit your frame (alternately, you can start with the correct size cardstock).
Step 7 – Add Thickers with the names and ages of the participants.
Julyblog4Step 8 – Add a Delights dimensional sticker to the bottom right corner.
Step 9 – Place the cardstock in the frame and adhere with tape to the matboard. I took the glass out because of the dimension of the Delights embellishment.
Julyblog5Now your children’s handprints will be preserved forever in a cute and adorable frame!

Source: americancrafts.typepad.com