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Holiday & seasonal crafts, Valentine's day  |  September 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Swedish Woven Heart Ornament Tutorial

As some of you may know, my Papa Soderberg passed away in September. It’s been a difficult thing for me. So, to honor him and his Swedish heritage, and to fulfill our tradition of giving our children Christmas ornaments each year, I made these Swedish Heart Christmas Ornaments. Usually, these lovely items are made with sturdy paper.  I decided to try making them with fabric, and the result is this tutorial.  For those of you new to sewing/crafting, these require no sewing!

So here we go:

You’ll need Heat N Bond Lite…I prefer buying it in bulk.
Two contrasting woven fabrics.  Felt does not work for this project.
Pattern, found here.  It comes in two sizes.  I am showing you how to make these with the smaller size.

Measuring Tape.
Skinny grosgrain ribbon.
Low temp hot glue gun and glue.

Let’s begin.

Step 8, pin your pattern piece to the folded fabric.  The straight portion should lie on the fold.

Now comes the FUN part!

Now, for the final phase…hot gluing the ribbon hanger.

This project lends itself to many different variations.  The traditional colors are red and white, but the possibilities are limitless.

I am planning on embroidering the date and each child’s initials for their individual ornaments.  You could also embellish with additional ribbon.

This is what the larger size looks like:

If you make the larger ones, be sure to iron the heart really well after you finish weaving.