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Unique gifts: Zip-Itself Coin Purse tutorial

Bags, Sewing  |  September 6th 2011  |  0 Comment

how to sew zip-itself coin purse 

Sewing patterns

1. Zipper (nylon) – 20″, 1pc.
2. Ribbon (1/2″ or 5/8″)- 20″, 1pc. (Note: you can use grosgrain, woven, satin ribbons, or other alternative materials like lace, ric rac, fabric strip, soft twill tape etc.)
3. Ribbon – short length for the purse loop.
4. Lining fabric strip (3/4″) – 20″, 1pc. (optional)

1. Sewing needles.
2. Matching threads
3. Pins
4. Marker
5. Warm iron (optional, use only with lining)

zip-itself coin purse materialsGet ready the materials and tools as per quantities stated above.

Sew zip itself purseMeasure 2 3/4″ from zipper’s bottom stop, including the bottom stop.
Lay the ribbon slightly over the marking. If the ribbon has direction (in this case, the Pucca doll), the bottom edge should point to the zipper.
Back stitch the ribbon to the zipper, about 1/32″ from the teeth in order for the slider to get through.
Note: I sewed with longer stitch on the wrong side but shorter stitch on the right side for the backstitch. Scroll down to the lining step and you will see the stitches on the wrong side. Due to the short stitch on the right side and the way the needle pick up the zipper tap, it didn’t show a lot like backstitch from the back, but I swear that it is backstitch ;)
back stitch sewingBend the zipper tape down at the end, adjust it to make the edge smooth.
Continue sewing the ribbon. Pin the ribbon on the tape will make sewing easier.

sew ribbon and zipper into purseContinue sewing until you reach about 4″ – 5″ from the top stop of the zipper.
Your actual ribbon should look longer than this, I trimmed some away before taking this picture.
Unzip the zipper.

sew zip itself purseCome back to the start point. Arch the tape at the marking, pin the ribbon to the tape as shown.

sew zipper around ribbonSew ribbon to the tape of the other side of the zipper.

sew smoothly with slip stitchTrim off the extra length, fold the raw edge of the ribbon and slip stitch the ribbon to the tape by following the curve.
A nice smooth curvature determine the beauty of the purse.

Continue back stitching the ribbon to the zipper tape until you are about 1″- 2″ away from the top stop.

zip upZip-up the zipper and the purse is formed through a upward spiral closure.

Press the top edge of the purse to find the top corners of the tetrahedron shape, which is usually the center of the bottom corners.
Mark both points.

zip itself tetrahedron coin purseJudge the shape from different angle to check if it is balance.

Arch the longer zipper tape at the marking, the zipper ends should meet and intersect at the other marking.
Place a ribbon loop on the intersection point of the zipper, pin.
Sew to complete the coin purse. Trim off the extra length of the ribbon and insert the raw edge of the ribbon, slip stitch to the tape.
Whip stitch the zipper edges at the back of the purse.

Slip stitch liningIf you would like to line your purse in order to hide the stitches, do the following.
Fold and press the raw edges to make a 1/2″ wide fabric strip. Slip stitch along the stitching lines of the ribbon.

zip itself tetrahedron coin purse with liningA fully liner zip-itself tetrahedron coin purse is completed.

how to sew zip-itself coin purse

Source: @craftpassion.com