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Clay, Hallooween's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making toys  |  September 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

Bootorial for the wee ghosties!

Told you… there’s more to come.

The wee ghosties I showed you were white because I had to paint them. I had to paint them because I burned them. I burned them because the model clay, FIMO, I used was bought in Germany donkeys years ago and did not quite accomodate for gas marks. Boo. Hoo.

What I originally intended was this:

A badly taken picture of The Blob.
Or a glowinthedark ghost.

Wanna make your own Blob wee ghostie?
It couldn’t be easier, promise.

What you’ll need:

Some model clay (I was lucky enough to have glow- in- the- dark FIMO in my ancient stash), something to roll it out on, something to roll it out with, a headpin (or eye pin or some wire, whatever you have), a bead and, conveniently, some round- nose pliers. Don’t have any? Never mind, I bet you can improvise.

So, what’s the science behind summoning ghosts?

Take a little chunk of your modelling clay, soften it up, form a ball and flatten it real flat. Like…flat- flat. If you have a can of BUAV approved deodorant (the slim one many gals have in their purse anyway), that’s great.
Use the lid to cut out a circle.

Now, thread the bead on your eye pin and punch it through the middle of your FIMO circle, like this:

Carefully coherse the FIMO disc around the bead. It will, if you do it gently enough, ghostify itself.

Now bang it in the oven to bake (if you burn it, you better have paint ready!!) and either use a thin sharpie marker or acrylic paint to give the wee bugger a face.

See, told you it was easy!