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Unique gifts: How to Update a Vintage Suitcase

Felt, Sewing  |  August 28th 2011  |  0 Comment

Case 14a Unique gifts: How to Update a Vintage Suitcase

Sewing patterns

When I found this vintage suitcase, I knew it would be perfect for my girls’ dress-up clothes. And thanks to a brilliant suggestion by Jude of Colour Giggles, I neutralized the musty smell of the case by pouring kitty litter in it and forgetting about it for several months.

I recently received the new Land of Nod catalog and fell in love with all the quirky illustrations. I took my vintage suitcase and made a happy design from an image that I found in the cataloge – and you can too!

Case 16


Vintage Suitcase

White Plastic Contact Liner


Glue and brush





Case 2
Draw or trace your pattern out of paper, pin it onto the felt and cut out your design. Glue pieces together.


Case 3
Cut contact paper to size, peel the backing and carefully stick to the top of the case.


Case 4
Glue the designs onto the case.


Case 8a

Case 12

Case 13