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unique gifts for women: Super Easy Petal Clutch tutorial

Fashion, Flower arrangement  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

Super Easy Petal Clutch

Crafts tutorial

Isn’t this fun?
It was so easy, I can hardly stand it!! Ever since I saw Jessica’s tutorial at Happy Together for the petal backpack (you’ve all seen that by now, right??) I’ve been thinking about this little vintage clutch I picked up at a thrift store once (for a quarter!!). I’ll show you how I did it….
My supplies:
1 vintage clutch, 1 can of metallic gold spray paint, and 4 “silk” flowers from the dollar store.

I took apart the flowers and sprayed the petals, and a light coat on my clutch as well, in case it peeks out anywhere.
Then I cut my petals apart….
Used a glue gun to glue the petals on the clutch, biggest petals on the bottom….
In-between sized on the middle row….
and smallest on top!
Then I glued a strand of grey glass pearls on, and finished it with a little foam flower that was in a potpourri basket I had (hey, I use what I have!).
Pretty, pretty!!


Source: rufflesandstuff.com