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Unique gifts for women: crazy Woman handbags

Fashion, Funny  |  August 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

“Woman as a  handbag  - it can not find what are looking for. “ Ryszard hydrogen

Handbag -  proof that the money – it’s not all. 

Handbag  - the grave man’s illusions.

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Unique gifts for women

crazy Woman handbags

Handbag – still the Bermuda Triangle, it may lose a bishop, and to find the most unusual item.

It is not just a matter of clothes, a litmus test that can reveal the subtle nuances of female nature. To do this, take into account all the parameters of the usual subject matter of the size to its content.


Large bag  describes you as a fair fidget with a broad outlook and increase efficiency.

Miniature handbag, cosmetic bag  suggests that you are discreet and organized.

An elegant handbag  gives you a sophisticated nature that pays a lot of time of their appearance and loving chat.

Sports bag  says that its owner – a little adventuress who loves active leisure.

Manner to hold

The handle (hand lowered)  - you can rely on, you break into a cake, but do not let yourself be late to class, to date, and generally bring the man.

Slide the arm over the arm and elbow pinned to the waist  - to envy your future husband: you’re the real owner. Besides, you can not deny self-esteem. The main thing for you – always be on top, in excellent shape.

Hand, wearing a bag, lifted up to shoulder  - with the character you would have to be born a guy.You are energetic and bold. Do you have many friends, and any problems you on the shoulder. Solitude and only feared.

Handbag holds the corner  - you will not hurt to be a little closer and swept away the wave of self-confidence. Listen more often to a foreign opinion. By the way, you do not have the habit of losing your bag and leave it anywhere?

Handbag over her shoulder, the arm is lowered and fixed  - but you should borrow a little self-confidence of the previous type.

Bag over his shoulder, the hand moves with ease  - you are cheerful, happy with themselves and others, like love and weakness for the compliment.

Bag under his arm  - you’re closed, but your character corresponds to the proverb of “still waters”.


Art disorder or chaos.  Things are essential lie deep at the bottom, never anything impossible to find and have removed a half to find the ticket. You live by the motto “No problem!” Difficult to offend you, but you are often inattentive to others. You are sociable and placable, but despite this, are you often difficult because of your carelessness and unreliability. Entrust to you a serious matter – the results will not wait.

Apple-pie order.  Bag – the opposite of the previous one. All that is required is at hand. You can rely on. You love to show initiative, possess organizational skills, with the polite and correct.

The collection of antiquities.  here and use the tickets, and crushed recipes, and brochures, and buttons, and letters and photographs, and old candy, ice cream and a piece of paper from … You are dreamy and somewhat carelessly. You would have cost to become popraktichnee.

Large gentleman’s set.  What is there just no! All this, of course, the things you want. But not all and not always need to carry around. Besides yarn, needles, medicines and spare glasses, then you might find even the Spanish-French phrase book … you of those who learns from his mistakes of others and strives in every way and avoid them. Sometimes this set shows kindness.

Mini-office.  In the bag are always notebooks, a set of postage stamps and envelopes, thick notebook, daily newspaper, a few pens and, of course, a calculator. And that’s not all “business” the contents of the bag. You’re confident, you have a bad sense of humor and naive ideas about many worldly matters.Otherwise, your inclination may be arbitrary.

Handbags with unusual design.

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