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Unique gifts for Valentine

Candy, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Valentine's day  |  January 11th 2012  |  0 Comment

Tic Tac Valentine

Sweet little cards with a Tic Tac treat inside.

You will need:

Card stock
Glue tape
Heart and/or circle punch
Tic Tacs(large size)

Measure and cut your card stock 3 1/2″ x 5″
Your going to fold it like a book, a ruler is necessary here. Your Tic Tacs need room for your “book” to lay nice. Measure and fold appropriately.

Punch out your shape on the front of your card. Add ribbon on the inside, secure with glue tape. To get a nice size bow my ribbon was about 16″ long.

Peel off the label on the front of the Tic Tacs. I scored with scissors along the top edge. It peels off with a little care. Alcohol will remove any sticky left behind. Secure the Tic Tacs in the card with a couple of glue dots.

Add some cuteness to the front and tie a pretty bow. I tried to come up with something clever here like ‘You make my heart go tic tac!” but it’s the end of the day and I stalled with that one.

So darn cute! I just hope it doesn’t say…..
Dear Valentine, I love you and by the way you have bad breath.

Oh Oh, another goofy saying….
“Valentine, we were mint to be!”