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Unique gifts: An Apple Tree A Day tutorial

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower  |  September 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

An Apple Tree A Day


Fall is quickly approaching and with that comes apple season.  We are lucky enough to have a wonderful destination close to our home called Apple Hill.  It’s less than an hour away and is the most amazing place with over 50 ranches featuring apple orchards, pumpkin patches, Christmas tree growers, vineyards, and more.  We look forward to our Apple Hill trip every year and the kids do as well.  It is so fun to pick our own apples and there is nothing like a crisp, fresh picked apple.  This little apple tree is inspired by an article in the September issue of Disney’s Family Fun Magazine  (one of my very favorite children’s magazines).  I put my own spin on it and am thrilled with how it turned out.

Materials Needed:

Pom poms
Glue (Tacky or other all-purpose glue OR hot glue)
“Apples” – anything spherical and red
Container (vase, clay pot, etc.)
Floral Foam or air-drying clay
Decorative Filling (optional)
Moss (optional)

Run a line of glue along a branch then put the pom poms on the glue being careful to offset the pom poms so they are not all lined up.  Allow the glue to dry and the flip the branch over.  Keep gluing on pom poms until your tree has the fullness you desire.
**Using tacky glue or another white glue can add quite a bit of time to this project.  If you are doing this with older children, consider using a hot glue gun to speed the process up.  Just make sure to pull off all those hot glue strings or your apple tree will have cobwebs!

Now it’s time to add the apples.  I used some decorative container filling but you could easily use red pom poms (that is what Family Fun used).  Red beads would make nice shiny apples.  You could even use red play-doh.  Shape the play-doh into spheres and then let them dry.  Use hot glue to attach the apples to the tree.

Since we want the tree to stand up, you need something to put it in.  I used a small, square, glass vase with floral foam to keep the tree upright.  I used the same decorative filler that I used for the apples and poured it around the floral foam.  Any container will do or you can use air-dry clay.  If you use the clay just form a base around your tree trunk and let dry.  You can paint the clay brown or green after it dries.

I love how this apple tree turned out and it most definitely has me thinking of and upcoming annual trip to Apple Hill.  Don’t those apples look good enough to eat?

Here is another way that you could pot this apple tree:
Use a 4″ clay pot and floral foam for the base of the tree, add some moss, a pretty red ribbon and you’re done!