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Unique gift ideas: Birthday Tree for kids

Birth's day, Flower arrangement, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making toys  |  September 8th 2011  |  0 Comment

Here is a little birthday tree I made for a friend. You could use this concept for any special occasion.(It could easily be an “anniversary-tree” or a “having-a-bad-week-tree.” Basically, I decorated some Dogwood branches with sparkly flowers and ribbons and hung pretty treats in the branches. I really love party poppers but they are so darn ugly. Solution? Spray Paint them gold! I also put little presents and notes in the boxes for her to open each day. (Am I the only one who likes to drag out my birthday celebration?) If you did a group present you could ask everyone to bring something to hang from the tree (like a note or small present or candy.) And after all the hullabaloo is over it looks pretty just sitting there on its own.

I’ll post more detailed instructions later this week.

Source: @ohhappyday.com