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Unique flower tags: Cute Nametags For Any Occasion

Making flower, Paper crafts, Wrapping and Packaging  |  September 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

Paper crafts for kids

I added the feathers for a little extra pizazz for the steering team members.
These name tags are cute, easy and inexpensive. Much better than the blue and white “Hello, my name is. . . ” stickers!
Here is what I used: a pink feather boa, black feather clips, cupcake liners and cardstock.


Two of the three liners need to be cut in order to see all three layers. Fold the liners in half and cut around the edges. Cut the cardstock to fit in the center of the liners. I used a circular scalloped punch and folded the edges slightly.
Use scrapbook adhesive to attach the layers. Attach a pinback to the backside.



I cut the pink boa into small pieces and and hot glued the pieces behind the black feather clips.
Then I clipped the feathers onto the pinbacks.
Tada! That’s it! Cute, girly nametags for MOPS open house.
This was my failed attempt at taking a photo of me wearing my name tag. Little Miss Momma makes it look so easy! I’ll keep practicing.


Source: scissorsandspatulas.com