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Unique flower gifts: Giant Paper Flower Bouquet Centerpiece tutorial

Cutting paper, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Paper crafts  |  August 25th 2011  |  0 Comment

Giant Paper Flower Bouquet Centerpiece

Unique flower gifts: Giant Paper Flower Bouquet Centerpiece tutorial

Paper flower tutorial

Giant paper flower bouquets are perfect for every occasion and so simple to make! I gave you a sneek peek of these giant paper flowers the other dayhere, and now I’m back to give you a few more important details to help you make a gorgeous paper flower centerpiece yourself. And take my advice, don’t just add this one to your list of “want to makes”, make them now!

You’ll Need:

  • Large card stock weight paper, or really anything would work, even butcher paper or paper bags from the grocery store
  • Regular card stock paper in contrasting colors for the centers, and green for the leaves at the base
  • wooden dowels
  • hot glue gun
  • green paint or green crepe paper to cover dowel

Paper Flower Templates

How To:

  • Draw templates on recycled cardboard according to the dimensions in the photo above. Cut out templates
  • Trace templates onto paper, I used five or six petals for outside of flower and three smaller ones for inside of flower. Accordian fold each petal to make ridges in the petals.
  • Cut slits in petals as indicated on template and glue one side of the slitted area on top of the other to form a little cup like area at the bottom of the petal.
  • Arrange petals to look like a flower and glue together.
  • Make inside of flower (optional) in the same manner
  • Center of flower is made from two circles. Cut slits around perimeter of circle and curl up the strips around the inner circle which is prepared in the same way and preferable made from a darker color

Paper Flower Bouquet Centerpiece

  • Cut long leaves from green paper, you’ll need these to help adhere flower to the dowel.
  • Glue flower to dowel and hold in place until cool. Glue leaves to the dowel and to the flower to help provide necessary extra support, unless you have a better idea?
  • And yes, ideally your dowels should be painted green, or wrapped in green crepe paper!

Paper Flower Giant Bottom View

Source: creativejewishmom.com