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Unique Craft flower pots With Gaffers Tape

Flower arrangement  |  September 20th 2011  |  0 Comment
Here’s a simple vase you can make in minutes and the kids can help.

Gaffers tape is a vinyl coated cloth tape – I bought mine at Blick for around $8.00 a roll.

I used a small sparkling cider bottle (about 8 OZ).

I covered the bottled with vertical applications of 2-3″ strips of gaffers tape.

I ran the tape up to the rim of the bottle and covered the base.

I love the texture of this tape – it looks as if the bottle is wrapped in fabric.

Some brightly colored vases to line my table.

I also made this patchwork planter by covering a can with short, torn strips of gaffers tape.

Tear the tape into 1-inch strips and apply to can – overlapping as you go around.

To create a neat edge, run the tape over the rim of the can.