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Unique and funny gifts: Rosebud Birds: A Mini-Tutorial

Flower arrangement, Green crafts, Making toys, Natural crafts  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment


Unique and funny gifts:   Rosebud Birds: A Mini-Tutorial
Last night the kids and I were inspired to make some rosebud birds. Such a simple activity to do, if you can bear to sacrifice a rosebud for it. We have many wild rose bushes in the area, so it’s not too painful repurposing a couple of the rosebuds for crafty pursuits.

Should you too have a perverse urge to create with rosebuds, here’s how to do it. Leaving some of the stem on for the beak, peel off all but two of the sepals from the rosebud. The remaining two sepals will be the bird’s wings. Now add the twig feet (we used old dried hydrangea twigs) by pushing them in through the petals. And there it is — a bird-friend for Flower Girl, who has now changed into a gerbera daisy skirt.

These birds are not the most durable creation, which can lead to frustration for littler ones. But Middling was game. Here’s her bird…

Preparing for takeoff…
And to counteract the superfluous crafting with flowers, a photo of Nature’s own unparalleled crafting powers…

Source: wabisabiwanderings.blogspot.com