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Unique and fashion: Interchangeable Flip Flop Tee, sewing tutorial

Sewing  |  September 27th 2011  |  0 Comment

Unique and fashion:  Interchangeable Flip Flop Tee, sewing tutorial

I adore interchangeable projects, especially when it comes to children’s apparel. I loved the concept behind the Interchangeable Flower Tee I shared last year so much that I decided to give the idea another go – except this time with a summery spin!
This Interchangeable Flip Flop Tee comes together brilliantly with Silhouette heat transfer material and a short list of other materials. And, you can make a number of different flower embellishments to mix and match and coordinate with a variety of outfits! Interested to see how I put this together? Let’s get started!

For this project, you will need…
Silhouette SD machine
Silhouette Heat Transfer Material (Read on for a great deal they have running right now!)
A plain t-thirt
Fabric scraps
Fusible Peltex (a very heavyweight interfacing, found in most sewing stores)
Washable ink marker
Sew-in Velcro
Hot glue
Buttons, jewels, etc., for the flower centers
Basic sewing supplies: machine, shears, etc.
step 1 / Use your Silhouette to cut your flip flops from your heat transfer material according the the package instructions. (I found my flip flop image in the Silhouette online store, which is absolutely brimming with goodies!) Carefully peel away the negative portion of your image, leaving only the positive image behind on the clear plastic backing.
step 2 / Using a dry iron, fuse the Peltex to the wrong side of your fabric scraps according to the product instructions. Use a washable ink marker to draw circles and flower shapes onto the back of your fused pieces. I drew my shapes freehand, but you can use a stencil or template if you wish. Note: I recommend creating no more than two layers per flower in order to reduce the bulkiness of your blooms.
step 3 / Cut two small sections of Velcro, and use your sewing machine to secure the hook portion of each section to the bottom layer of each flower. (You can also stitch these on by hand if your prefer.) Using hot glue, affix the upper layer of your flower to the lower layer. Finish each flower with a button or jewel center affixed with hot glue.
step 4 / Iron your flip flop cutout to the front of your tee according to the heat transfer product instructions. Center the loop portions of your Velcro over the straps of each flip flop, and stitch each Velcro piece to secure it to your tee. Affix your flowers to your flip flops.
You are finished!