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Undemanding plants for your home

Garden, Home and garden  |  June 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

Неприхотливые растения для вашего дома

Any woman would like to turn your home into a beautiful flower garden. Why would not need to spend lots of time to read clever books about plants, buy a lot of fertilizer.There are some plants – they do not cause trouble, but decorate the house and give their owners the joy and happiness. Now we will tell you about the most undemanding plant for your home.


Any designer respects and loves dratsenu. Take care of it simply, you can keep and not very bright room. There are several species of dracaena, but the most unpretentious considered: Dracaena Goldsefa and edged dracaena – they are not afraid of winter, they are at a temperature of 10C feel quite comfortable, so that such species would be a good solution for the Russian apartments.

Dracaena Goldsefa – is a small plant (up to 60 cm), which blooms yellow flowers (of which then appear red berries). Leaves her oval-shaped speckles in the cream. If the plant is very colorful, so he needs plenty of light. Edged dracaena in size much more – it reaches 3 meters, and its narrow leaves – 50 cm Leaves may be green, yellow or red stripes.


This plant leaves can be different colors – bronze, cream, burgundy. Leaves with a picture varied and affect its attractiveness. When Coleus grows, it becomes a lush bouquet of flowers.

Most species of Coleus leaves are similar to nettle, but there with wavy and corrugated sheets. Coleus likes warmth and light, however, does not like a strong wind. Coleus leaves in the summer to spray water, and in winter you can just plant watering.


Aspidistra – a relative of lily of the valley, undemanding plant, which in England is called “iron.” His owners, it really does not cause unnecessary trouble. Aspidistra leaves are emerald green color, and flowers – yellow-purple. Those who love the softness and elegance, this will be what you need. aspidistra can stand at the window, and on the table. She can not stand drought, but does not like waterlogged. leaves it does not need to spray, they can only occasionally wipe the dust.

Jade – undemanding plant, but that’s very fond of light. It is not necessarily and should not be sprayed often watered. In his house you can lodge a special “cash” form – portulakovuyu jade. It is called money tree and enjoy a peaceful disposition. To plant to raise money – take a leaf, put it in water and when roots appear, plant in a pot.


Translated from the Greek ehmeya means “tip of the peaks.” Plant, as it were like an armed warrior – the leaves are covered with spines and inflorescences – pointed pritsvetiyami. In our country the more common striped ehmeya. It blooms with beautiful red flowers from May to October – to replace one flowers without a break come others.

Basic principles of landscaping some areas

Living room enables you to create this living work of art, where you can use all your imagination.

The bedroom is usually placed at least one flower.

Kitchen suit plants that like high humidity and temperature, they will help clear the air.

In the corridor a better place Shade plants that can illuminate the lamp, and then they give the room a little bit of magic.


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