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Ukrainian ethnics – costume jewelry.

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  May 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

Ukrainian ethnics – costume jewelry.

This post – the beginning of interesting excursions in Ukrainian ethnics. Yesterday visited the bead show in our town, so was born this story. Very impressed with the Ukrainian ornament titled “Gryz. The same decoration exists in Poland. Our cultures are interconnected, as indeed, with many others Tran and even continents. That impressed Gryz:



To understand why and in what cases the various ornaments worn by our ancestors, have a closer look at their shape.
Jewellery Ukrainians always performed two functions – a protective and informative. First had oberegovye and ritual ornaments, which were only on TV – wedding rings, bracelets and crosses. Well, the ones that put over clothes, speaks eloquently of the host abundance: six threads coral namysta, for example, cost as a pair of oxen.
Gerdan – badges beaded jewelry in the form of a loop of two bars connected by a medallion in place of the solar plexus. They were mostly men, but wear and women. Bukovina ends of ribbons hanging Gerdan connected to them a mirror.
Sylyanki or Braids – flat strips of beads, which are tied behind the neck. The name comes from the method of manufacturing such ornaments (sylyannya “- a way to stringing beads on a string. Rather narrow (two to three centimeters) sylyanki women wore every day as a guardian (silyanki force as a talisman is always determined by the ornament). For the greater power of amulet Hutsuls, for example, beaded belt with a protective ornament sewn to the red-striped fabric. The traditional ornaments beaded jewelry has been a geometric diamond with simple or complicated contours, the triangle with horns-branches in the corners, twists and krivulki – symbols of infinity.
Crises – wide (20 cm) around the collars of beads, hiding his neck, shoulders and chest women. They were on holidays Lemke and brisk. For the holidays put on several multi-colored collars of various lengths and widths, which are already down to her waist. To weave such a collar, it is necessary to spend approximately 200 hours.
Zgardy – oberegovoe metal necklace, consisting of two or three rows of strung on a red or a metal base crosses. The back of the neck zgardy connect the two discs – Chepraga, which is bigger themselves crosses on a necklace. At Chepraga painted solar symbolism: a wheel with eight, six or four spokes (the latest is, indeed, cross), Rosetta, or concentric circles. When you first look at zgardu striking disproportion between the size and Chepraga zgard: first, as a rule, are quite unjustified their utilitarian function of size. This is because initially zgardy consisted of circular, sun-like medallions with solar symbolism. In principle, and now crosses on zgardah have a rounded shape. In Western Ukraine crosses such a form on woolen thread or conversation (retyaze) worn by men under the shirt.
Rustle – a metallic necklace of small round bells, which were produced and worn on Hutsulshchyna. The most archaic of all Slavic ornaments.
Patsorki – a necklace made ​​of glass. Used for the manufacture of smalt – opaque alloy glass of different colors: dark blue, light blue, turquoise, white, green, brown, black and red. Round beads inlaid with gold and painted with colored inks.
Pearl – a necklace of translucent laminated glass, which were numerous rows, as this necklace was inexpensive.
Rings have always been associated with the ritual of marriage, so they were always ornamented with symbols of procreation and the continuity of life. At Hutsulshchyna also wore a ring with relief depicting the head of an evil spirit “aridnyka” – he was supposed to protect those who wore the ring, against evil forces.
Ducats – sewn or stapled to the canvas with metal inserts various coins.
Dukach (Lichman) – pectoral in the form of large medaleobraznoy coins with a metal bow, decorated with stones. Occupied a central place in the whole compositional complex pectorals: Strengthen the middle on the very large number of “namysta. Usually on the face of the oldest dukachey was “patret” who hired the Cossacks in the service, and on the back – the scene of battle, after which the person was rewarded. Later dukachi were in the form of the ruble or the Austrian coins with eye, which they themselves to the coin and fasten. Very popular among the people were also dukachi with the biblical story.
Bunt, or bark – a necklace of coral beads in the shape of cylinders or barrels, strung on a thread – just once.Number razkov at the corral may be from one and up to 25.

The exhibition of work rukotvory.com.ua / mariya-chulak-navit-same-pletyvo-z-biseru-sluhuje-za-oberih /



Lviv Master (products sold) ukrainianbeads.wordpress.com
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GERDAN by you.

Народна прикраса з бісеру
Стрічка з бісеру
Prikrashali bіserom not deprivation on Shiyu, Ale ozdoblyuvali odyag belt. For cholovіkіv robili strіchki on kapelyuh, vishivali cuffs.

Same qiu strіchku I Zroby on zamovlennya for cholovіchogo kapelyuha.
Українські народні прикраси 


українські прикраси Українські народні прикраси з бісеру

black & red by lilalviv.
black & red2 by lilalviv.
Gerdan # 2 by lilalviv.

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