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Transform fashion for women: LOFT Inspired Ruffle Tank tutorial

Making flower, Repair work, Sewing  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

LOFT Inspired Ruffle Tank

Every time I go into a thrift store and see something I love, when I look at the tag, it seems I always see the same thing: ANN TAYLOR LOFT.
Ann and I must be kindred spirits :o)
So I wasn’t surprised when I got an email yesterday from a reader, Rachael, asking if I had any ideas on how to make this little tank, from-guess where?

I was to taken by this shirt that I had to try it immediately! And I was surprised at how easy it was. I think my ruffles turned out a little larger than the ones on the ATL tank, so if you want to, you can subtract a few inches from the length of the ruffles. Also; my knit was a little thicker, so the gathers aren’t as close together as hers.

I would have loved to make this with pink ruffles, for a monochromatic look, like Ann’s. But I wanted to use what I had, so I grabbed an old tank from my closet, and some scrap knit from an old cream tank I had used for another project.
1: Start by using pinking shears to cut one side of a 2″x24″ strip, cutting the other side with a strait edged rotary cutting or scissors. Repeat to make a 2.5″ strip, and a 3″ strip.
2: Pin the strips on top of each other, with the flat sides flush.
4: Loosen your tension all the way, and select your machine’s longest strait stitch, then sew all the way down the strait edge.
5: Slowly and carefully, pull the top thread to gather until your strips are 12″ long. Sew a backstitch on both ends to hold in place.
5: Pin your ruffles to your shirt in a “U” shape, with seams touching, and sew them on.
6: Ann Taylor would say that you’re done, but I thought it needed a little more fanciness to it, so I sewed some tiny little lace in a “U” shape, along the seams of the ruffles. :o)

All done!!

I’d love to try this with a lighter weight fabric to get the almost fringed look of the original tank. So fun!!
Source: rufflesandstuff.com