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TOP-9 variants is predicated on nail design

Nail, Painting  |  May 8th 2011  |  0 Comment

Option 1. “Twinkle silver”

Step 1. Cover the nail polish and white until the coating is not dried out, put on a diagonal silver lacquer. When mixing paints create a bizarre play.Allow coating to dry.

Step 2. “Dry” brush from the bottle with a black lacquer finish make a few diagonal strokes. Secure the top cover design, which gives nails the effect of “wet” varnish.

Option 2. ‘Ginger Stripes’

Step 1. Pick up the basic paint colors and acrylic paints, harmonizing with them. Apply the lacquer coating and allow to dry. Long thin brush, draw a line lengthwise brown paint.

Step 2. Using the full range of selected colors, create a design based on long and thin longitudinal lines. Upon completion, paint should fix the top cover. 

Option 3. “Minimalism”

Step 1. Base – dried black lacquer. Brush “Long hair” conduct on the side of the nail two straight lines. Use white paint.

Step 2. Short brush over the lines, draw another, resembling a sine wave. The resulting design covers the upper surface.

Option 4. “Virtual”

Step 1. Base – dried lacquer coating of dark-red hue. Orange paint brush and a short draw a pattern that resembles a computer screensaver consisting of rectangles and squares.

Step 2. The pattern can be applied as a whole nail, and a part of it. Line color pattern can be completely arbitrary.Top coating will provide design, brightness and durability.

Option 5. “Colorful Line

Step 1. Base – dried gold lacquer. Short brush and red paint draw arbitrary lines with different thicknesses of individual sites. On top of it doing the drawing of a darker color.

Step 2. The choice of colors just as well as the type of lines – is arbitrary. And the design can be done as the entire surface of the nails, and using some part of it. Do not forget to fasten the fixing pattern coating.

Option 6. “Weightless gossamer”

Step 1. The dried black lacquer with white paint and a brush “hair” a clear separation along the line, “Smile.” This may be a thick line or two thin ones. Brush “short hair” and the same white paint on the lune, and in the center of the free edge below the line “Smiles” creates a thin semicircles.

Step 2. From them as from the centers, paint with white paint diverging lines. This is the foundation “cobwebs” on the spot crescent draw three divergent beam.

Step 3. Divergent beams decorate transverse lines in a cobweb and the free edge and the lune.

Step 4. Add the silver sand on the line, “smile” and in some places cobwebs, putting it on a wet surface, nail covered with a topcoat. This will fix the pattern and adds brightness acrylic paints.

Option 7. “Futuristic Chic”

Step 1. The white lacquer dried black paint and medium brush paint thick enough that converge in the center of the line.

Step 2. Every part of the nail, split those lines representing the center webs. To do this, draw the divergent points of wavy lines. Carry out this short brush and black paint.

Step 3. Connecting to cross the lines, exactly repeating the pattern of the web.

Step 4. Fix the pattern and decorate with silver sand and crystals.

Option 8. “Evening”

Step 1. Base – dried lacquer colors of burgundy wine. Gold lacquer paint a stylized triangle, which lies on one side of the line, “Smile.”

Step 2. Black and red paint brush “hair” okantovyvaem this triangle is quite thick lines.

Step 3. Fringing repeat, only this time with gold paint, and so that the edge in the middle of the golden and the edges – black. Ready-made design fix top cover.

Option 9. “Indian sandalwood”

Step 1. The design looks great even on short nails. Base – dried lacquer. Gold paint on the free edge of the nail to create the initial design element. He seems to be bending stresses beautiful free edge.

Step 2. From the center of the cuticle to add elements, lengthening the nail plate, which resemble the drawings of henna on the feet of Indian dancers.

Step 3. Fix the pattern top surface and decorate with large rhinestones to match the basic lacquer.


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