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Tools for carving fruits

Carving fruit  |  August 12th 2011  |  0 Comment
The following photos are not advertising any specific product, the picture quality on photo sets and tools are not guaranteed.
On the verification tool when purchasing, see below. For the carving in a variety of commercially available kits cutting tools. For example, here are:


Tools for carving fruits

A set of tools for carving with a complete die-cut curly: 


Sales set for carving are not too successful.
This is understandable – in the capable hands of a sufficiently regular knife, but set no neumeyke not help.
And all adequate potential buyers understand that perfectly.


Very handy for carving a small “Thai knife” with a narrow short blade.
This form is easy to give any suitable blade knife.
With only a knife with a form of blades and small scissors, you can create in the kitchen almost all the marvels of carving.


Cutting tools used in carving
for the effective use of such a set must have many skills, constantly reinforced by daily practice.


Small Thai knife - the most important tool for carving.
It is necessary for performing the most complex patterns on small fruits and vegetables.


Short crescent knife .
Used as Thai and a knife, but for larger parts.


Long knife for a variety of works.


Karbovochnye knives of various sizes of triangular section.
They are easy to cut out the leaves and fruit peels to execute engravings image.


Oval knives of various sizes.
used for leaves and ornaments with round slices.


Bilateral spoon-nuazetka with sharp edges.
To cut out the fruit balls and hemispheres of different sizes.
It is also used for extraction of pulp during the initial processing of fruit, especially big ones. For example, in the manufacture of vases of water-melons, melons.
Spoon-nuazetka widely used in French cuisine for cutting out balls of raw potatoes before they are followed by frying in deep fat , and the balls from a variety of products for the decoration of dishes.


Small scissors are needed to make complex forms of decorative edges netolstyh flat sections.


When buying a set of tools for carving, we must remember that even a Stradivarius violin does not make its owner a cool violinist Niccolo Paganini and was able to play on one string.Education carving simple viewing the accompanying DVD is also ineffective. How can you learn watching a DVD, for example, play the piano? for teaching carving must often pick up the knife and act using their imagination.

In a thin thread of soft vegetables much decides it is “shaving” visual tools. Less sharp instruments more mauled than cut. Commercially available kits for carving mostly made ​​of cheap poorly sharpened and quickly tupyascheysya Asian stainless steel. For home carving knives are very good, self-made winepress of paintings for nozhovok for metal, but these knives at once After a brief rinse should work without detergent and dry thoroughly before drying. You can use the appropriate surgical instruments (scalpels, etc.) made ​​from a special well-sharpened steel medicine. In professional carving tools suitable for sculpture from the collections of wood and linocuts, made ​​from good steel. Please note that, other things being equal, better cut the knife, the blade is thinner. Mandatory check when purchasing a set of tools for carving: a well-sharpened cutting tools made ​​from quality steel, smooth cuts in the hand-held weight on writing paper from the top edge and before the end of the cut “like butter” - a flat rectilinear movement down without effort (without moving “back and forth,” without “cutting”). So when you buy do not forget to take a small piece of typing paper. Be sure to pay attention to it and check the sharpness of tools for buying a set for carving! Sharpen tool is better than it did all through the efforts of the factory, at home you will never succeed. REMEMBER – the maximum achievable acuity depends on the quality of steel.Do not be fooled, if the manufacturer specified in Germany. This is its registered office in Germany, and produced again in the south-east Asia, saving both labor costs and the quality of steel. In this German manufacturer necessarily specified «Solingen» (in Russian “Solingen”) – then this is the famous zolingenskaya solid steel, and you are lucky. It is unsurpassed in sharpness as possible and will last forever. However, and this stigma may be bogus.