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Tiny Vinyl for Father’s Day: kids craft ideas

Cards, Father's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Paper crafts  |  August 17th 2011  |  0 Comment

Father's Day Craft Vinyl Record

Here’s a small project for the audiophile dad – tiny vinyl records! We used shrinky dinks and paint to make this simple and fun craft for Father’s Day. I’ve supplied you with a printable template to get the dimensions just right. You could make this in your own style with personalized songs and album art as we’ve done here. Include it with a gift certificate to a record store or iTunes.

Tiny Vinyl for Father’s Day:

kids craft ideas

You’ll need shiny clear shrinky dink plastic, black acrylic paint and paintbrush, sharp scissors, fine grit sand paper, sticker paper, card stock, a mini hole punch (1/8″), and a glue stick.

First, cut the shrink plastic according to the template, cutting a center hole by carefully inserting the scissors into the center to form an “x”, then cutting out the small circle (an adult should do this part). Next, paint the plastic with the black acrylic paint. To make the paint brushstrokes look like grooves on the record, have the kids pull the paintbrush around in circles. Allow this to dry completely, then bake the shrinking plastic according to the package instructions.

After the plastic is cooled, you may want to sand around the edges to make sure you have a nice smooth circle. Then cut out the templates (see link above) for the album cover (on card stock) and label (on sticker paper) and have the kids decorate them or write a message. Cut out the label, poke a hole in the center with the mini hole punch and adhere it to the record. Cut out the album cover and fold the outer flaps, apply glue and put it together.

Now you have a dollhouse-sized record! Now all you need is a miniature record player.

by Ellen Luckett Baker