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Tiny gifts: free knitting patterns (knitting hats) for kids and dolls..

Knitting  |  September 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment
Knitting ideas to make for dolls and kids
This AMANDA hat was a custom order I completed to match a jacket.

This PRESTYN hat in navy/grey stripes is newborn sized, with a matching grey diaper cover.

A bubblegum pink LITTLE MISSY with brown ribbon for a friends sweet new baby girl.

And this chunky diaper cover & CAYDEN hat which are being tested out this week on a sweet little gal!!

On an infant chunky CAYDEN in bubblegum pink.

Thank you Jennifer for your custom order!
I hope you love it!

Infant CAYDEN in navy blue/orange stripes!

Christmasey SIDNEY hat

I had a custom request for this Christmasey (is that a word) SIDNEY hat.
It’s for a little boy!

Isn’t it adorable?

Infant CAYDEN in red/mustard/baby blue stripes!

Newborn CAYDEN in hot pink/cream stripes with small attached flower!
Newborn CAYDEN in purple/cream stripes with attached cream flower.

Sister PRESTYN hats in red/pink/white stripes, with Extra Large attached stacked flower.

This is an infant CAYDEN hat in purple/cream stripes. It has 2 interchangable flowers that hook onto a cream colored button.