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The Key West Tote, sewing pattern

Sewing  |  August 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Level: Intermediate
Time: 3 hours

The Key West Tote

The Key West Tote,

sewing pattern

This fantastic little tote is inspired by the quintessential footwear for lazy afternoons by the beach or pool: the flip flop. The bag has a waterproof center made of laminated fabric - perfect for toting your wet swimsuit.

Janome Supplies Required

Any Janome Machine
F foot
Zipper Foot


Fabric and Notions Required
3 fat quarters of fabric
1 yard Heat n Bond
1 zipper 18”
1/3 yard clear vinyl
1 yard of ribbon or webbing for carrying strap
Iron or Press
Pressing cloth




1. Using the templates, cut 8 flip flop bases from your fat quarters mixing and matching as you please. Cut two out of vinyl and four out of Heat n Bond.
2. Cut four zipper pieces out of fabric two out of vinyl and two out of Heat n Bond.
3. Cut two 2” strips out of fabric, one out of vinyl and one out of Heat n Bond.
4. Cut two v strap pieces out of fabric, two out of Heat n Bond.

Laminate the inside of bag
1. Using a press cloth on both top and bottom, place one flip flop base piece right side up, and place Heat n Bond to right side of fabric.
2. Remove paper from Heat n Bond.
3. Using the pressing cloth on bottom and top again, place the unwrinkled vinyl on cloth. Position the flip flop base over the vinyl, Heat n Bond side down with wrong side of fabric showing. Press. Your fabric will now have the vinyl attached to it. Repeat this process for two of the zipper pieces and one of the bottom strips.
4. Attach the last two Heat n Bond flip flop bases to the wrong side of the laminated flip flop base piece. Then attach a flip flop base that has not been laminated to each piece.

Installing the Zipper:
1. Place your zipper on your work surface, and identify the right side of the zipper (right as opposed to left).
2. Place a piece of laminated fabric on the right side of the zipper, and along the back side of the zipper.
3. Stitch in place using a zipper foot, matching the non laminated strip on the front side edge. Stitch along the previous stitch line, with right sides of fabric together. Repeat on the left side of zipper.
4. Align the carrying strap with each end of zipper and stitch in place.
5. Match the laminated fabric strip and the laminated zipper fabric right sides together on each end and stitch using a ¼ inch seam allowance. Repeat using the non-laminated strip on the non-laminated side of zipper.

Make the Pockets
1. Apply Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the flip flop V strap.
2. Remove paper backing and press in place on a remaining flip flop base. Repeat on another.
3. Set your machine to a satin stitch (stitch width 4.0, stitch length .5) and stitch along the raw edges of the v strap on each piece.
Note: The F foot allows you to see where you are stitching when appliqueing along a specific piece.
4. When finished appliquing the strap, place the remaining flip flop base on top of the appliqued piece.
5. Stitch close top of the appliqued zigzag on the TOP stitching ONLY. Trim seam and turn. Press. Repeat for other side.
6. Place the V strap on a non laminated side of the flip flop bases and stitch together, matching edges and using ¼ inch seam allowance. This forms your outside pockets.
7. Place the two sides of the bag together with right sides facing, and aligining the zipper at the top (with laminate facing out). Stitch using a ¼” seam allowance.
8. Open the zipper slightly and repeat on the other side.
9. You may choose to finish the edges by binding with bias tape, using an overedging stitch on your machine, or with your serger.
10. Turn right side out and you are ready to hit the beach or pool!