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Thank you flowers: strawflower tutorial

Making flower  |  August 15th 2011  |  0 Comment


straw flower 300x225 Making Strawflower
Thank you flowers: strawflower tutorial
Strawflower is an excellent business opportunity and suitable for housewives who want to supplement the family income. Consumer interest of flower as a decoration in the room tends to increase. Consumers want their room looks beautiful and exquisite by providing floral arrangements  in every room. The amount of interest that come from consumers flower lovers, is able to provide ideas for business people to create business opportunities from imitation flowers made of plastic, including strawflower.

Strawflower creations can also be strung together, just like the original flower arrangements. By stringing plastic flower pots which are accompanied by beautiful accesories, the appearance of strawflower will be more beautiful than strawflower that are not strung together.

Here we give one example of how making strawflower, the most simple, just use old plastic straws around you.


stick or wire (about 2 mm diameter)
crepe paper or ribbon can be replaced with paper
used plastic bottles for accessories

How to make strawflower:

Cut the straw with a length of ± 10 cm.

The straw tip is cut into four, we can form straw that has been cleaved to be more blooms and a bit limp.

Then cut each end of the straw which has formed, make the shape of sharp resembles the original flower petals.

Several straws are then combined into one so they will be like the blooming flower.

Then we tie this strawflower on a wire or stick, which had been wrapped with crepe paper.

As for the leaves can be made from pieces of paper ribbon or plastic paper.

After a single strawflower has finished, make the other strawflower the same way.

And for the last arrange the strawflower stems into flower pots filled with spoon / foam.