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Textile necklace tutorial

Jewelry making  |  May 6th 2011  |  0 Comment



To start from the tissue to sew a tube, you can do it handles can be made on a typewriter, I’m lazy, sewed on the machine))) in the tube must be able to get through the bead (the one with a small diameter hole).Sewn (inside out) it turns.

Next we get the beads and start putting them alternately, first one that large-diameter holes, the fabric we are missing a bead

on a bead with a smaller diameter hole we insert into the tissue tubes

and so one by one. Do not forget to leave a tip (20 cm) in order to fasten beads. The ends of the fabric needed to sew up, pen or a typewriter as you want

Our fashion accessory is ready!

You can add different beads (different sizes, colors, shapes, add a bead of metal or ceramic), to make beads for a thing (from the same tissue from which sewed the thing, or close to coloring), decorate them with ribbons or lace .

These beads look great with a jacket made from natural materials, with embroidery …


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