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  • Patchwork toys – toys made of yo yo

    Needle crafts, Sewing, Soft toys  |  0 Commentpatchwork toys – toys made of yo yo

    1. Cut a circle of fabric. 2. Sew along the edge of the circle obmetochnym stitch.   3. Contractible should get pouch. 4. Fills our billet head, cotton, sentiponom, scraps of fabric (the same color). Make ears for a bunny. 1.Vyrezaem 2-wa circle of fabric (the same diameter). 2. Fold in Palam. 3. Then again, we add (to get the triangle). 4. Obmetochnym sew a seam edge. Do not confuse the edge! 5. When the whole party Shrinks stitched thread. 6.Prishivaem ears to the head. 7.Vyshivaem face. Making the body. On the same principle that we are doing and head piece for the torso. 1. Cut a circle of fabric. 2. Sew along the edge of the

  • The Colla-Flower : yo-yo tutorial

    Making flower  |  0 Commentthe colla-flower : yo-yo tutorial

      Last week I added this simple little circle flower You can make your very own "Colla-Flower" in no time flat. You will need a shirt collar, needle and thread to match the collar. Here are the 6 easy steps: I used blue thread so you could see the stitching. TA-DA! The brown and pink flowers are from men's collared shirts.  The yellow flower is from one of Tess' old dresses that had a stain in the front.  The gray flower is from the bottom of a sweater that I had left over from another project. You don't