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  • Weaving Basket

    Other crafts  |  0 Commentweaving basket

      Devising the most simplified version, taking it to the foam, toothpicks, twine and glue gun.   Cut out two circles, the size is arbitrary, styrofoam and paper. Paper circle used as a template for marking. In order not to sit with the straightedge and vymeryat the exact distance between the points folded paper circle several times. note the dot at the end of each bend. Done.   A pattern already on the foam circle nanoshu point. Accurately and quickly   At the bottom of the bottom of circumferential cords, securing with glue.   Please complete the bottom part, the

  • Weaving wicker basket tutorial

    Cutting paper, Origami  |  0 Commentweaving wicker basket tutorial

    Author: Gyulchataj For baskets measuring 10 x 10 will need: 2 sheets of paper measuring 30 * 30, cardboard, ink, glue, scissors and a little patience. To begin cut out the "bottom" basket - a square of cardboard with sides of 10 cm Of paper cut into strips 30 cm wide Dina 1,5 cm We will need 20 strips of paper for the sides of the basket and another streak will handle. Cardboard "bottom" to paste over the paper from both sides. 12 strips cut the scalloped scissors on both sides. To add the texture of

  • Easter twist made of newspaper

    Easter's day, Recycle  |  1 Commenteaster twist made of newspaper

    2. So let's begin. We need the newspaper, glue, needle, scissors and a desire to learn to weave 3. paper cut into 4 strips, these strips will twist our tubes. 4. here at such an angle starting to twist the tube, then they are obtained by long and thin. 5. the tip of the tube glue 6. Our tubes are ready, begin to weave 7. I begin this basket weave that's way 4-4x3-3, it will be our basis (the more tubes you will be at the base, the more in diameter, you'll get our braid. In the first photo of 5-5x6-6) 8. Now

  • Newspaper Recycling – Weaving a square (rectangular) boxes

    Recycle  |  0 Commentnewspaper recycling – weaving a square (rectangular) boxes

    I'll try to put photos, as I do the box from A to Z. All this I found in the vast of the Internet.Where exactly, I can not list, both here and in manual work, and the Czech and Polish sites. (All thanks a lot!) Somewhere, as do the bottom, where some bumpers, weaving, cap. My only point-18-two ducts at the corners (not yet met in the internet, or have not noticed, were doing at the corners of one tube), but do not claim authorship, may still find a similar,