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  • Waste recycling services

    Carving fruit, Green crafts, Recipes, Recycle  |  0 Commentwaste recycling services

    Orange "roses" can be decorated with a fragrant mixture of dried flower petals Starting from the top of the fruit, cut away a thin strip of spiral peel.The upper edge of trying to capture the white stripes. Starting from the top, a strip rolled into a tight spiral. It turns out there is a blank roses Cooked fresh "rose" to put a piece of cardboard and place them on a radiator.It dries in about two days.Becomes solid, well-d Finished "Roses". If you peel an orange with a thick, after cutting the first layer, we cut off

  • Recycling waste into dress cards

    Cards, Green crafts, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling waste into dress cards

    2. We need the wrappers / referred to as wrappers of chocolates or a common akvarel.bumaga tins of a candy (eg Rafaella) or molds for small keksikov scissors two storonneya tape 3. Cut off from the shapers bottom. For the Dress where we need 4.5 molds. Then add up the candy wrapper in half (akvarl. 10h10sm sheet of paper) and cut out the dress, you can cut the pattern. Council if the wrapper thin stick it to the aquarium. sheet of paper and then just cut out. 4. 5. At the bottom of the dress to her waist belt tags on both sides. 6. Remove the