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  • Hearts for Valentine gifts

    Cross stitch, Embroidery, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Needle crafts, Valentine's day  |  0 Commenthearts for valentine gifts

  • How to make a pop-up valentine card with a three-dimensional images inside.

    Cards, Valentine's day  |  0 Commenthow to make a pop-up valentine card with a three-dimensional images inside.

    In our article " How to make a card with surround my heart , "we will tell you about another way to please your beloved valentine, made ​​by hand. DaleePodpisat valentine you can, using our article " Suggestions to the Valentine's Day .   Click on image to enlarge templates for bulk valentine. Due to numerous requests from our readers, we lay out detailed instructions to implement the "pedestals" on which are mounted in love: 1) First, cut and fold in half a rectangle: 2) A bent rectangle cut the bottom part, as

  • Simple and original valentine: easy to make

    Cards, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Valentine's day  |  0 Commentsimple and original valentine: easy to make

      you will need: * Sheet of colored paper of standard thickness (both for printer and copier) * Sheet of heavy paper to make cards (same size as the first sheet) * Scissors * Adhesive Paper * Jewelry (colored paper, glitter ...) Take an ordinary sheet of colored paper (suitable, for example, colored printer paper), fold it in half. In the upper right corner cut out a rectangle (two layers of paper).  Fold the top valentine angle (as pictured). Unfold the top, trim it, having regard to the passage of the folds turned heart. Now we need to "hide" resulting in

  • Valentine card: Hearts 2 in 1

    Needle crafts  |  0 Commentvalentine card: hearts 2 in 1

    Basic materials: paper for pastels dense black and white; Paper tiger "design; pin; black crystals. Tools and supplies: Knife Prototype; scissors; Scotch 2-way and on a regular basis foam; glue for sticking rhinestones with a brush; wax crayon black.   The order of production: 1.      Prepare a blank postcard from the red   Paper size 14h14sm. 2.      Cut a square of black paper size 12x12, attach it to the "Tiger" paper, and cut off from all sides, stepping back from the edge of 0,5 cm Attach the workpiece to form cards. Bottom of the postcard glue "tiger" stripes. 3.      Print the label   the printer and glue on a card. 4.      Cut out the large and

  • Festive wallpaper collection for Valentine

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Valentine's day  |  0 Commentfestive wallpaper collection for valentine

  • Beautiful projects for Valentine

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Valentine's day  |  0 Commentbeautiful projects for valentine


  • Sewing Valentine gifts ideas

    Soft toys, Valentine's day  |  0 Commentsewing valentine gifts ideas

    Too funny stuff, just do not understand where to take the wire and how to strengthen, if I want to repeat that way. And for this idea can take a billet, bought in hudozhke - canvas and cardboard tolstaya.obtyanutaya zagruntovana.ni very deshevye.Pokryt akrilom.Pugovitsu not find problema.Vot only write so neatly I tried sumeyu.Vchera circuit workout, could not adapt to vydavlivaniyu.On me such a liquid okazalsya.No still something to try. But the most unpretentious valentine! Just think, where the paper so the paper take? Can someone tell me?? O! Here's another tricky naryla.S these