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  • Beautiful and amazing handbags Kathleen Dustin

    Fashion, Funny, Other crafts  |  0 Commentbeautiful and amazing handbags kathleen dustin

    "Designer Kathleen Dustin (Kathleen Dustin) creates exquisite handbags and jewelry from unusual materials - polymer clay. Surfaces of his works, it adorns the fine paintings, applications, images from Italian Renaissance paintings and imitation of various textures.   These handbags are usually of small size and often are intended to be worn on the wrist. For this purpose, handbags are provided with a loop of leather or chain. "  

  • Jewelry from safety pins, unusual jewelry

    Funny, Green crafts, Jewelry making, Other crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentjewelry from safety pins, unusual jewelry

      Something like a modern pins, people have used them about three thousand years ago. Invented the first pin an American engineer, Walter Hunt in 1849. Almost at the same time, the Englishman Charles Rowley has patented a similar image of a pin. Since the pin is called "English". Often the safety pin is used for other purposes - it can be an amulet or a fashion accessory. It is made of gold and silver, decorated with rhinestones and jewels.   Designer Love Maegan big dreamer. It offers several ways to wear pins - like a necklace, offering three

  • Creative flowers in advertising. Unusual review

    Funny, Other crafts  |  1 Commentcreative flowers in advertising. unusual review

      Creative advertising of flowers and colors in creative advertising What is spring without the Eighth of March, and which is eighth in March without flowers? In this festive evening, we congratulate the excellent half the readership blog Kulturologiya.Ru International Women's Day, and presents as a modest gift this holiday overview - the colors in advertising art, advertising art, colors and mood of the spring in a creative advertising about colors. C vetochny smell       In this advertising perfume company Glade authors argue: "In the spring the flowers never go out of fashion." And this is true, and interesting prints with lovely

  • Handmade necklaces

    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making, Knotting  |  0 Commenthandmade necklaces

    Jewelry by Nophar Haimovitz unusually beautiful Who would have thought - just a fringe and imagination ... See Photos