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  • Craft lessons: Make a Picnic Blanket in Ten Easy Steps

    Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentcraft lessons: make a picnic blanket in ten easy steps

    Summer is quickly approaching. With the warmer weather promises of outside adventures loom. One thing that should be in reach of everyone is a picnic blanket. This simple blanket takes very little time to make and will be able to travel with you on all your summer exploits. This blanket is perfect for the impromptu backyard picnic or the fun picnic on the beach. It would also make a unique and thoughtful wedding present for a new couple. Step One: Gather your needed materials. Vinyl table cloth – I purchased mine at Wal-Mart

  • Crafty jewelry: Making the edge of embroidery hand weaving

    Jewelry making, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcrafty jewelry: making the edge of embroidery hand weaving

    I asked about my way to the edge design embroidery, an example is shown in the pictures. Well - given the numerous requests and requirements  - Tell. Materials Needed will also need a piece of soft leather the desired size. So - start ... Glue cabochon glue to the cloth, and begin to bind beads. Many different ways of Embroidery, personally, I sewed one beads, and then the way to "back the needle" to attach it to the previous one. Slowly  But firmly. Then twist around cabochons - and many ways. Continue to embroider on - Finished embroidery -

  • How to make Felt daisies

    Felt, Making flower  |  0 Commenthow to make felt daisies

    Any children's clothing (for girls), even with the cheesy decor as we do (bars without nakida) can be decorated with beautiful flowers such as daisies felt.   We need the white and yellow felt, scissors, thread a needle. Draw on the white felt (of course with the help of the form) 8-10 cm diameter circle In the center draw a circle 2-3 cm Cut a circle drawn in felt. Cut to the central circle of two strips in the center. Then the perpendicular, and then each in half quarters yet. Then cut the quarters divided again into two

  • Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland tutorial

    Cutting paper, Easter's day, Parties  |  0 Commentpaint chip easter egg garland tutorial

      Lately I've been eyeing my stack and formulating a few simple projects in my head.  The first of which I present to you today - a DIY Easter egg garland. This was super easy and turned out even better than I'd hoped.  I love how the white line in the middle mimics the look of a plastic egg.  I even enjoy the slight reflection of words from the back of the paint chips when it's strung in front of a mirror. Click through for the quick tutorial and a few more pretty