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  • Tissue paper crafts: dragon tutorial

    Origami, Paper crafts  |  0 Commenttissue paper crafts: dragon tutorial

    We begin with the manufacture of the frame or skeleton of a dragon. To do this, take a jar of them under the "Danone" or the like and cut off from her bottom and neck. To remove the stiffness and give the bottle a desired shape. What are doing with electrical tape. Next take a piece of foil and form the trunk, neck and tail. In principle, of course, you can do a foil, but it's really a matter of taste, with a rigid bottle inside, I like. Now, to add strength and

  • tissue paper crafts

    Making flower, Origami, Paper crafts  |  0 Commenttissue paper crafts

    Water Lily of napkins For water lilies, we need a white or pink, single-colored cloth Further 1. Expand the napkin and begin to fold the corners to the center of the napkin 2. Fold all 4 corners 3. In the resulting square again start to fold the corners toward the center 4. Fold all 4 corners 5. Once again, fold all 4 corners to the center. Total bend angle to the center to 3 times 6. Turn the napkin 7. Again, fold the 4 corners to center 8. Now take a napkin in his hand, holding your thumb on

  • relief decoration of tissue paper

    Cards, Paper crafts  |  0 Commentrelief decoration of tissue paper

    On one job will take 10 leaves toilet paper, stamp and 2 sheets of kitchen paper towels and water. Soak one leaf toilet paper and cover them dies fingers gently push the relief die, then continue to cover the rest of the leaves, one after the other, when everything lay, cover with tea towel and squeeze out the water as you can well, you can repeat it several times. Now, while still wet paper will tear off the edges and remove from the die, let it dry. When dry, you can paint your