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  • Symbols of Christmas + Patchwork Ornaments tutorial

    Christmas's day, Sewing  |  0 Commentsymbols of christmas + patchwork ornaments tutorial

    {made complete with bag, template, and definition of symbols} his tutorial will show you how to make your own set of ornaments, and if you click HERE, you will be able to download a pdf file with two printables, and also templates for your ornaments.  Be sure to click the green download button, and then choose a place you'll remember to store the file.To begin, gather your materials. For the ornaments: Fabric scraps, at least 3" by 5" in reds, greens, golds, and white Small scrap of white felt Cotton quilt batting, such as warm &

  • Recycling: Wax Pine Cone Christmas Decorations.

    Christmas's day, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling: wax pine cone christmas decorations.

    Recycling: Wax Pine Cone Christmas Decorations. These pretty pine cone decorations are made by dipping pine cones into melted wax. They are lovely handmade Christmas decorations using natural materials that you can find anywhere. You can use beeswax which gives off a lovely warm honey aroma but we chose to use colorful wax instead. Besides... my Mr T is a crayon-breaker extraordinaire and we have bucket loads of broken crayons just waiting to be upcycled. To make our pine cone tree decorations, we needed... my new drill (isn't it gorgeous?!) eye screws broken crayons cups pine cones glass

  • How to make Grapevine Pumpkin

    Flower arrangement, Natural crafts, Thanksgiving  |  0 Commenthow to make grapevine pumpkin

    I don't have alot of Fall or Thanksgiving Decor.  But that is something I am definately trying to change.  I absolutely adore the cute grapevine pumpkins that seem to be at every craft show I go to.  But I can't aford the price tag.  So I figured it out for myself. First, I took some grapevine that I had laying around the house (It used to be ontop of the cupboards, but hey... I never throw anything away)  Along with some old wire that was in the drawer (oops.  forgot to