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  • New Year tree made ​​of taffeta

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Newyear's Eve  |  0 Commentnew year tree made ​​of taffeta

      Violetta Beletskaya   Used photos: ID "Bonnier Pablikeyshenz / Dmitry Korol'ko     Without which it can not do New Year's Eve? Can be called many things, but certainly important for this holiday - a Christmas tree. She may be living, artificial or made their own hands from felt or taffeta.   What is needed? Materials cardboard Taffeta green decorative elements glue Satin ribbon thin Tools ruler pencil scissors 1 Cut out of cardboard base Christmas tree - an isosceles triangle with lateral sides 34 cm and 27 cm base Optionally, you can paint it green acrylics or gouache.Mark triangular basis raschertiv its parallel lines in increments of 2