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Keywords: Sunflower earrings

  • Sunflower earrings

    Crochet, Jewelry making, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentsunflower earrings

    Earrings Today we will experiment with ready-made framework for earrings in the shape of the ring and produce ukrashenie a romantic name Paparats-Kvetka.     Ring-base can vary in color, diameter, number and location of the holes. In Minsk, these blanks can be bought at the store, "Metro", which is opposite Komarovsky market.     So, get started!     We need: remnants of cotton thread, round blanks for earrings fastener, Pliers.   Take the cotton thread colors of spring greens, pass through its hole in the most extreme of our harvesting and tied at the knot. Tying a blank next to the columns without nakida, successively introducing