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  • paintings artwork: stencil card

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    Almost all of the tools that are used in Pergamano, can be replaced by more accessible. After all, if you really want to try - do not have to spend large sums of money for supplies. Left to right: a knife, a pencil with a white pencil, punch in the form of an arch, a thin awl balls embossinga (medium and fine), metal ruler, cutting mat paper. The figure of penoplena mat, parchment paper (Parchment Paper density 150 g) Impose on parchment drawing face up and zakrplyaem paper tape. The front of

  • Elephant made of stencil tutorial

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    Grab a pen and parchment white ink transfer the image. Pierces like a needle in the scheme. 3. On the head draw flowers colored ink or colored Eding.Takzhe paints flowers. There is a special technique and paint for this pattern, but unfortunately I have not got around to learn this technique so long as that. 4. It turned out this way. Grab a brush and ink razukraivaem pattern on the back. 5. Make a drawing convex. 6. Take the mesh is called a diagonal grid and take a pen with a needle and stick a needle into each

  • Cards made of stencil tutorial

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    Here are two such envelope, the two otkrytochek, I have painted a rather Posing! It began with the fact that a friend bought me this is such a naborchik. So the content of this naborchik. - A few sheets of parchment paper - 6 Stencils (3 stencil for each of two designs) - Pad of foam rubber (black in photo) .. it squeezes picture - A tool for squeezing out a two-way, on both sides of the "masher" with different diameters and purpose. - White pencil - Envelopes and zagotovochki for postcards. The photo shows the two instrument