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  • Recycling waste

    Green crafts, Origami, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling waste

    Stars out of gum wrappers So, let's begin. What we need: wrappers, scissors, PVA glue. Take the wrapper, makes him a square: Fold wrapper in half twice, on the need to find a center: Bends side to the center: The resulting square add up the two: One side of the straight the back: And bend in half. The result was the tongue: In the same way we do 7 more stuff, just stuff should be 8. Getting to paste the tongue: So do all one after the other glue: That's it! Our star of the wrappers is ready! Good luck!

  • Filipino Christmas Stars tutorial

    Christmas's day, Making toys  |  0 Commentfilipino christmas stars tutorial

    Here is our first star frame all lined up. The balsa wood strips are all equal lengths, woven together and secured at the points with small rubber bands. We made two of these. See? The ends secured with rubber bands. I had a hard time locating tiny rubber bands - so I picked up a multi-pack and wound the band several times. Next year I'll go to a beauty/hair supply store and see if I can find any. Next we secured the criss-crossed segments with twisty ties: We took both star sections pieces