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  • Stained glass vase painting

    Other crafts, Painting  |  0 Commentstained glass vase painting

    Materials: glass vase, prepared by the drawing, carbon paper, paper tape, the contour of the glass, stained glass paint, crystal toothpaste, brush, pen, 'Mr Muscle', napkins, cotton swabs, toothpicks. 1.Obezzhirivaem surface of the vase. It is necessary for good coverage contour and color. 2.Prikreplyaem blueprint paper adhesive tape and make a "recess" to provide a thorough fit.Then attached drawing. Pen stroke a path of contrasting color pattern and is transferred to the glass. 3.Nanosim contour of the transferred tracks. The lines must be closed and thickness - the best to paint not boiled over circuit. Dry hot