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  • Crocheted booties

    Baby, Booties, Crochet, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcrocheted booties

    Master class from the Creek Ina. Ina tells how to knit booties "Sneakers."     Sole Sole knit scheme poles with trebles. The result should. Total 58 loops.Next begin to knit the wall sole. Column without trebles. 1-st row: Knitting in the back of the loop with a thread of white. 2 nd row: white. Third row: in red. 4-th row: white. 5-th row: white. Obtained: Nosochek:Nosochek knit back for a slice of the loop by the scheme: The result is: Next to the tongue, we need to score 17 out of socks with a thread loop primary color kedika. But, as if to dial directly from the