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  • Spiral socks:) – Great idea, easy-to-performance!

    Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentspiral socks:) – great idea, easy-to-performance!

    Socks in a spiral! The idea just super! And, most importantly, everything is very simple and even inexperienced knitters will beable to relate their favorite socks:)   Materials: Yarn Baby (100 percent wool), stockings spokes Number 2 (5 pieces).   Method of manufacturing:   Dial on the spokes of the number of loops, multiple of 8. Distribute them to the 4 spokes (5-I work). Link gum 2x2 2 cm (for adult socks 5 cm). Continue knitting is (asterisks rapport pattern): 3.1 series: * 4 persons., 4 izn .* 4.6 series: * 1 izn., 4 persons., 3 izn .* 9.7 series: