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  • Craft socks: Beaded Socks

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    Any one know how to crochet? These are fun to make and they look so cute on! Sorry its hard to see the detail-I should have used a different color thread. I would rather not try to take on the task of trying to give lessons on how to crochet but for those of you who do here are a few instructions: 1-Tie a loop on your hook(0.3mm) with your tread of choice. (Like you normally would to start a project.) 2-Push your crochet hook through the material at the top of

  • Craft socks: crochet books

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    Crochet socks pattern

  • Craft lessons:Norwegian Knitting Socks

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    6 squares in a row, striped, and 2 bind to the sides. Garter from 22 to 27 loops, depending on the then drew a rough diagram, the truth must be square to move to number 7 kadratu No. 2 and No. 8 to move the square to the square of the number 4. But there will be difficult to make a mistake, just see what happens, where it must bind. I'm knitting a garter stitch squares. Gained 29 loops have an odd number of loops. The first row and then just fit in every other three

  • Craft socks: Leaves knitting pattern

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  • Craft socks: video tutorial

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    Double Heelix: Getting Started

  • Socks knitting magazine

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  • Spiral socks:) – Great idea, easy-to-performance!

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    Socks in a spiral! The idea just super! And, most importantly, everything is very simple and even inexperienced knitters will beable to relate their favorite socks:)   Materials: Yarn Baby (100 percent wool), stockings spokes Number 2 (5 pieces).   Method of manufacturing:   Dial on the spokes of the number of loops, multiple of 8. Distribute them to the 4 spokes (5-I work). Link gum 2x2 2 cm (for adult socks 5 cm). Continue knitting is (asterisks rapport pattern): 3.1 series: * 4 persons., 4 izn .* 4.6 series: * 1 izn., 4 persons., 3 izn .* 9.7 series:

  • Socks, boots.

    booties, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentsocks, boots.

    Begin knitting with the sole. Recruit 84 loops and knit 14 rows garter st. Then knit stocking, making tog in the middle like this: 2 loops along the front of the rear wall and two loops along the front as usual. After Vyvyazyvanie lift (10cm) when the spokes will be 42 loops, knit 12 rows garter st. I have exactly the same bound sledochki short and too much. And second socks I once knitted 14 rows of garter moved from 2 to 4 and the spokes are already knitting a round. Today (09/08/2009) found where I

  • Cozy slippers crochet

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    I saw on bebibloge charming slippers and could not pass. I hasten to share with you a description. The author of such beauty Olyushka of Helsinki, Finland.     Symbols: VP - Air loop Sc - column without nakida PRS - stacked with trebles PRSPs - polustolbik with trebles Knitting sole Hook № 3.2, slippers around the 38 size. Basis for Olga took here this scheme, can someone be easier to understand than a verbal description. 33 CAP, 1 CAP recovery. 1 lap 31 sc, 4SBN last air loop (toe), 31SBN, 4SBN the last loop (heel) Two terms of 15 sc, 3 PRSPs, 13 CCH, 2

  • Knitting booties tutorial

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    Proceed. Number of spokes select a thread. I was knitting № 2,5. We collect the main color yarn loops 46 2 Edge and face knit stitch (license ranks - people. Loop izn. Ranks - izn. Loop). 1-st row : 22n crossover yo, 2n, crossover yo, 22n. Crossed yo - bend string arc and rotate clockwise. Obtain the loop pull on the spoke. 3rd row: 22n, cross over. YO, 4n, cross over. YO, 22n. So knit 2 - 2,5 cm, not forgetting each personal number after and before the 22n. delut crossed yo and